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Electronic Letter of Map Amendment (eLOMA)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) currently utilizes a web based application within its Mapping Information Platform called eLOMA (electronic Letter of Map Amendment), which allows for approved professionals to submit simple Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) requests in a fraction of the time required by traditional LOMA processing.

Initially, FEMA only granted licensed land surveyors and professional engineers with the ability to utilize eLOMA. Through an arrangement with FEMA, certain employees of participating NFA companies are now able to access eLOMA and submit eLOMA applications. For more information on this process, reference the NFA eLOMA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document below.

Participating NFA Companies and Company Contact:

American Flood Research Theresa Prichard
Armada Analytics Reid Rechel
CoreLogic Flood Services Barry Childress
Massive Cert, Inc. Josh Price
Second Look Flood, LLC Bryan Baumann
Servicelink National Flood Jennifer Haun
Torrent Technologies, Inc. Tanya Astle
Western Technologies Group, LLC Andrew Yesaitis

eLOMA Resources

FEMA eLOMA page and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
FEMA eLOMA Fact Sheet
NFA eLOMA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For more information or to request a Member Login if you are an employee of an NFA member company, contact